Smart Card Company is an Iraqi IT company established in Baghdad 2004 for developing and building new view of work in the Iraqi managing systems by involving the new and computerized work strategies with the assistant of well known companies and world standards. Smart Card Company Solutions offers integrated strategy implementing, systems integration services, and application hosting. Our solutions will help managements and institutes get into the e-applications revolution first.  Smart Card Company hopes to make the professionalism and experience in this field to build up the industry with cooperate with our institutes and Iraqi companies to make our goal more achievable. Smart Card Company team of more than 15 highly qualified and determined professionals is best characterized by their creativity, knowledge, and ability and willingness to communicate with the customer. The key to our success has been our commitment to hiring the very best professionals in the IT field and committing to keeping their skills up to date through constant training, education, and certification programs. Our customers benefit not only from our team knowledge of modern information technology, but also from their exceptional understanding of the unique requirements put on businesses in their respective economic sectors, such as insurance, banking, consulting and  trade comprises highly-qualified technical staff. Their skills cover all aspects required to provide integrated IT solutions. In addition to that, the management team has extensive experience in the IT field.